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DOWNLOAD Ð The Dragon and the Stars è [BOOKS] ✯ The Dragon and the Stars Author Derwin Mak – An all new anthology of Chinese culture inspired science fiction This uniue collection of science fiction tales demonstrates the diversity of the Chinese experience around the world merging China's ri and the ePUB H heritage with new traditions offering North American readers an opportunity to discover these exciting write. Too often Asian characters in stories written by North Americans are so stereotypical that they feel phony think martial arts fighter magical Buddhist monk or the Chinese girlfriend of the hero or various villains It's about time two Canadians Derwin Mak and Eric Choi tapped the potential of Canadian and Chinese authors in creating compelling SFF stories Derwin wrote The Polar Bear carry the mail a story of hope in a spaceport set in all places at Churchill Manitoba with Inuit and Chinese characters I enjoyed a little history with Eric’s alternate rocket research story with a Chinese rocket scientist Son of Heaven Among the others texts my favourite is The Character of the hound by Toni Pi made me revise my Chinese and was all you can ask of an historical fantastic adventure So far I also liked The fortunes of Mrs Yu a fine psychological tour of superstition and overcoming it Intelligent truth was moving on the robot theme Dancer with red shoes kudos to Melissa Mortal Clay Stone heart and Lips of ashes explored the Chinese long past The twin timelines telling of Across the sea wound also to a satisfying end intellectually Kudos to the authors and editors

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And the ePUB #9734 An all new anthology of Chinese culture inspired science fiction This uniue collection of s. Before I start this review I want to note something that’s than a little important to the understanding of this book This is an anthology written solely by ethnic Chinese writers who live outside of China proper In her introduction Tess Gerritsen explores the fact that growing up she was immersed in the Chinese culture–its superstitions cultural beliefs etc but as she grew up she felt less “Chinese” and “American” “I believed in science not superstition As my memories of childhood recededI forgot just how Chinese I am” pg 1 Tess Gerritsen Every story in the anthology all 18 which is a lucky number in Chinese numerology is centered around the writers’ growing up Chinese “an identity that none of us ever truly escapes though we may grow up far from the shores of China” pg 2 GerritsenI’m thrilled by this notion and was eager and excited for this collection I have a not so trivial complaint however The cover art It’s pretty to be sure but that is a Western dragon depicted on the cover not an Eastern dragon Doesn’t matter a dragon is a dragon you say Think again Unlike their Western counterparts Eastern Dragons were considered to be good luck symbols wise advisers and revered as sacred because of their ties with the Emperor For me this is rather disruptive and irritatingOnto the stories however which in theory should have made up for the cover art’s lack“The Character of the Hound” by Tony PiI have never read nor heard of this writer before but now I want to read of his writings Part cautionary tale for traitors part murder mystery and learning when to compromise this story was engaging from the first page Wu Fan is an engineer for the Song Dynasty and is called upon to perform a special service for his country; he is to house a shen spirit to help solve a murder and theft The story moves at an even pace with Lu Fan and then Lu Fanuan Shen Hound Spirit’s narratives being distinct but familiar Its an interesting concept and one I hope the author explores in another short story or even a longer novelAnd that my friend ends what I enjoyed best about this anthology The very first story in the collection is the only story I truly wanted to read again The other seventeen stories failed to impress me but importantly they failed to entertain me In William F Wu’s “Going’ Down to Anglotown” I felt distinctly uncomfortable with the author’s depiction of what would have happened if Asia had dominance over America than Europe By the time I reached “Bargains” by Gabriela Lee an author I’ve read before in the short story collection By Blood We Live I was wondering if I had read the back cover correctlyI have no doubt that the authors included are talented and I’m likely to even enjoy a couple of them outside of this anthology but I could not enjoy them this time around I know better than to fully trust the backcover blurb on a book–they are rarely ever truly indicative of the book within–but the forward filled me with hope I just wish the book had fulfilled that hope better

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The Dragon and the StarsCience fiction tales demonstrates the diversity of the Chinese experience around the world merging China's ric. 12 The Character of the Hound by Tony Pi story focused mostly on events and the importance of different meanings of characters the latter which would make little sense in an English based culture The Fortunes of Ms Yu Charles Tan Sadly meh on this one since I don't believe in fortunes and the story was too short to establish the belief inside it Goin' Down to Anglotown William F Wu I wouldn't say this was the best one but picturing the white Americans as the second class citizens that other cultures come down to slum with was interesting The Polar Bear Carries the Mail Derwin Mak Felt meh about this one too The ideas were clever I justdidn't care Lips of Ash Emery Huang Adored this Felt very much like a folk tale with a modern voice and the use of the fox spirit inside politics and positioning for a place in society Excellent The Man on the Moon Crystal Gail Shangkuan Koo Felt kinda predictable and didn't like the ending I wanted to see the thieves cheated in turn Across the Sea Emily Mah This story wasn't fantastical at all and could have simply been true Mortal Clay Stone Heart Eugie Foster Classic doomed lovers story with Eastern elements and characters Dancers with Red Shoes Melissa Yuan Innes Favorite story in the book incorporates the story of the dancing red shoes set swiftly and definitely in a slightly different world that ours Intelligent Truth Shelly Li I liked the android than the main character and really really wanted a different ending even though the one Li wrote made sense Bargains Gabriela Lee Almost a horror story and have read several things a little too similar in nature to be impressed with this one Threes EL Chen Another story that felt culturally distinct I love how so much was hinted at but not too spelled out I wanted all the characters to find happiness on the other side with their momwife The Son of Heaven Eric Choi Having taken Asian History in college I feel a little proud I recognized the events in this book almost immediately That said this was a summary of those events and ended up being rather boring for me Shadow City Susan Ee This was so close to being my favorite story in this book I would love it if Ee would write in this setting because I would devour that book The setting was amazing and original and conveyed in so few words while the characters were still solidly developed Amazing story The Water Weapon Brenda W Clough clever just didn't feel passionate about the characters or the plot The Right to Eat Decent Food Urania Fung Another fun story about trickster spirits However aside from the outer wrappings I feel like this could have been told with the fae in an English setting coyote spirits from a Native American setting etcPapa and Mama Wen Y Phua Loved it and definitely feel like it had to come from a Eastern culture The duty to ones parents alone even when they are dead and you are just a childNA Beidou Ken Liu I actually found this story to be boring from the offset and elected to skip it