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Ose insidious influence reached across the Atlantic and into a presidential administrationDelving behind the headlines to uncover the true extent of the Mafia's influence The Mafia The First Years reads like the most compelling crime fiction yet is the terrifying deadly truth. This ‘history of the American Mafia’ contains some interesting sections but overall was disappointing The mixing of facts and a ‘novel style’ unless the authors were actually present or had verbatim accounts of the discussions recounted was messy The constant jumping between different individuals mixing up of names and use of ‘gangster slang’ was also annoyingA straightforward factual account of the criminal organisation would probably have been interesting

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The MafiaTracing its beginnings as an underground society which sprang up in Sicily to the Mob which went on to run organised crime throughout Italy and America The Mafia The First Years tells the gripping story of the most mythical and misunderstood criminal organisationHow did the M. Nothing intrigues me than the growth of organized crime in America There is something about the Mafiosi I cannot seem to get enough of I reckon it is the aplomb exhibited by these guys during their apex Before I lose myself let me applaud William Balsamo and George Carpozi Junior for their extensive research in this book Although some chapters seemed like something out of the Godfather movie this book does not disappoint The mafia or Mafiosi was a sophisticated organization From the likes of Frankie Yale in New York to Scarface Al Capone in Chicago and Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano this book has it all violence murder business roundtable meetings greed and betrayals William and George tell a captivating true story that makes Hollywood portrayals seem like mere child’s play The stories of the men in this book are all similar they came from poor neighbourhoods and had little or no formal education They started out small fought their way up the ladder and eventually got a piece of the American dream Once at the top greed crept in and they either ended up dead or locked up affirming the saying “crime doesn’t pay These men also had little respect for human life and the bloodbaths experienced during their illustrious years must be unparalleledThe research by the two authors is exceptional For a reader there is nothing pleasurable than authors who know what they are talking about The layout is great and one follows the seuence of events with ease The language is ‘gangster’ so be ready for a lot of 'F' words I would recommend this book to anyone interested in organized crime it is a great starting point

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The Mafia review º 103 ä [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Mafia Author William Balsamo – Tracing its beginnings as an underground society which sprang up in Sicily to the Mob which went on to run organised crime throughout Italy and America The Mafia The First 100 Years tells the gripping Tracing its beginnings as an underground society whicOb evolve from a gang of bumbling killers into the smooth running international 'corporation' of today Drawing on nearly two decades of research William Balsamo great nephew of the original godfather and George Carpozi Jr reveal the Mafia's coalescence into an organisation wh. This is a reasonably comprehensive overview of the history of the Mob in America The authors have spent a lot of time piecing together facts and details of the thugs that have populated the criminal underworld of America since before World War 1There is a mass of detail in here and some of it makes for fairly unpalatable reading If you were a member of the Mafia then your chances of living to an old age were slim as you became the next victim of the infighting between gangs given the number of murders that are reported in here The author covers the different ages as the heads of the gangs rise in power and there are chapters n the men who would become household names in America in their time such as Al CaponeI get the feeling that a proportion of this is fictionalised in particular the details of conversations from a number of years ago but it does make it read better Later details of cases and the vile characters that are here can be substantiated from wiretaps An interesting read really only 25 stars