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characters ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Anna McPartlin E mother all the while trying not to resent the limited choices life has given her Then a uirk of So What MOBI #204 fate and a faulty elevator bring Jane into contact with Tom Alexandra's husband who has some shocking news Alexandra disappeared from a south Dublin suburb months ago and Tom has been searching fruitlessly for her Jane offers to help as do the elevator. Once Jane and Alexandra were inseparable – sharing adventures secrets and big dreams for the future But when Jane got pregnant at seventeen they drifted apart Seventeen years later Jane discovers Alexandra has disappeared and she sets about helping Alexandra’s broken hearted husband Tom to find his wife But in searching for Alexandra Jane is about to confront some big uestions about herself Like what happened to the high spirited seventeen year old she once was What will happen if she stops trying to control the world And does love really mean letting people go Two fractured people come together accidentally and in one another they find strength friendship – and even the beginnings of hope Please note that this book is also titled So What If I’m Broken and Alexandra GoneWhen I read Anna McPartlin’s debut novel Pack up the Moon earlier this year I was so thankful that I had spotted the cover while browsing Google because otherwise I never would have bought the book because I would never have known it existed I thought Pack up the Moon was stunning it really blew me away and I uickly collected up the rest of Anna’s books I managed to get myself a copy of her latest book The One I Love also known as Alexandra Gone and So What If I’m Broken to review and I started it fully expecting another cracking read and I wasn’t disappointed at allAt the beginning of The One I Love the entire Chapter One in fact we’re introduced to numerous characters; there’s Alexandra who after writing a note to husband Tom sets off to meet her friend but disappears on route we meet Elle and Jane who are friends of Alexandra and who are sisters Elle likes to write letters to the Universe whereas Jane has found herself pregnant at 17 we then meet Leslie who we learn is cut off from all of her family and friends due to a genetic gene and then finally we meet Tom Alexandra’s husband as he sets about trying to find his wife It’s complete chaos ranging from 1989 to 1996 to the present day of 2007 told in letter forms and flashbacks and I was a bit concerned the book would carry on that way But after setting out the storyline by introducing us to the main characters and their problems we then stay in 2007 and the story progresses from there like a proper story should as they try to find AlexandraThe plot truly is fantastic because although the basis for the entire plot is Alexandra being missing and Tom’s search to find her we also learn about Tom Jane Elle and Leslie After meeting at a Jack Lukeman concert they got stuck in the lift they all band together to search for Alexandra but they also become friends as well Yet they all have their own problems Jane is still in love with her son Kurt’s dad Dominic Elle has deep set issues with the world Leslie lives her life under a cloud constantly being hounded by a gene that has harmed other family members and Tom is just looking for his wife As they all try to come to terms with their problems and learn new secrets and start new relationships you really begin to care about each and every one of them and I was turning the pages avidly desperate to carry on readingThere is no main or lead character in the novel that’s shared by Jane Tom Elle and Leslie and each have their own uirks and foibles that make them their own I liked them all eually and found them all incredibly well rounded But what I liked best was that they were all so human They each made mistakes throughout the novel little ones big ones and for me it just made me like them all the Jane was the most family oriented looking after her son Kurt as well as her aging drunk mother Rose and flighty sister Elle and always put them before herself Elle as I’ve said was flighty and impulsive and a bit of a wild child and she spoke to me the most I think for the record I am nothing like Elle Leslie was shy staying alone and away from the world until her encounter in the lift when she finally decided it was time to stop living like a hermit And Tom Tom was brave when many people would have just left Alexandra for dead Tom carried on looking for her and I totally admired that in him He had heart and spirit In fact they all had heart and spirit There are many other minor characters in the novel Rose Elle and Jane’s spiky mother Kurt Jane’s teenage son Alexandra’s family her parents and siblings Leslie’s sister’s widow Jim they all made their mark and none so than Alexandra herself Alexandra herself is in four pages total but the book is infinitely her From the memories Jane has of her to Tom’s memories her families memories she just shines off the pages and despite not really knowing her we do care for her I’ve no idea how McPartlin pulled that off but she did and for me Alexandra was utterly realThe One I Love is about a lot of things but the main thing that will stay with me is written on the front of the book that no matter what true friends will not give up and that encompasses the book perfectly Not only that but the feeling I got of how each of the characters found themselves it was immense McPartlin has pulled off another stunning novel and for me she ranks up there with Marian Keyes and Melissa Hill in terms of how well she writes and how good she is at crafting a story The book is told in third person moving from Jane to Elle to Leslie to Tom which works fantastically well and I never got lost off despite there being so much going on I adored the book and Anna is two for two with me so far and I look forward to getting stuck into her other two novels I sincerely hope she’s working on another novel – and many other novels in the future – as she’s definitely an author you want to be reading She may not be huge in the UK I can’t really speak for Ireland but she deserves to be I am a huge fan

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Free download So What If I'm Broken 105 ↠ [PDF / Epub] ✪ So What If I'm Broken ☆ Anna McPartlin – Once Jane Moore and Alexandra Walsh were inseparable sharing secrets and stolen candy plotting their futures together But when Jane became pregnant at seventeen they drifted slowly apart Jane has spen Once Jane Moore 's other passengersJane's brilliant but self absorbed sister Elle and Leslie Sheehan a reclusive web designer who's ready to step back into the world again And as Jane uickly realizes Tom isn't the only What If I'm PDF #180 one among them who's looking for something or traveling toward unexpected revelations about love life and what it means to let go in every sense. I enjoyed a number of the characters in this book I found it slow moving however and struggled to get back to it on a couple of occasions I found the writing style clear and consistent and I did like the music references scattered throughoutThe simplicity of both the characters and the plot was nice and there were no dramatic inconsistencies but this also made it feel a bit slow in places as there was a well thats no surprise feeling about some of the revelationsOverall I would recommend this book and I will try by this author in future as I had not read anything from her before

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So What If I'm BrokenOnce Jane Moore If I'm Kindle #212 and Alexandra Walsh were inseparable sharing secrets and stolen candy plotting their futures together But when Jane became pregnant at seventeen they drifted slowly apart Jane has spent the years since raising her son now seventeen himself on her own running a gallery managing her sister's art career and looking after their volatil. Alexandra Goneby Anna McPartlin opens with the disappearance of Alexandra one afternoon in Dublin The reader knows little about her but witnesses her disappearance and the subseuent devastation of her husband Tom and her family as they desperately hold out hope that she will be found healthy and safe While looking for Alexandra Tom has a chance meeting in a broken elevator with Leslie Elle and Elle's sister Jane The four soon band together in the search for Alexandra and through that process come to know each other and to share their personal tragediesEach of the four main characters has their own storylineJane is raising her teenage son alone but still loves her son's father her teenage sweetheart She is the matriarch of her family and takes responsibility for not only her sister Elle's career but the rest of life too she manages her money provides her with a home and is the rock upon which Elle relies In addition to Elle Jane is responsible for their alcoholic mother who lives with her and is prone to rude outburstsElle is the boisterous and unpredictable artist who makes unwise decisions in love and tends to live life in extremes she is very much the opposite of Jane but their love and affection for each other is clearLeslie is the solitary remaining living member of her family cancer has ravaged the family's gene pool and she has lost both parents and two sisters to the disease She knows she has the faulty gene that led to the early demise of her sisters due to ovarian or breast cancer and she essentially shuts down closes herself off from people and relationships while she waits for her inevitable diagnosis and early deathTom is devastated by his young wife's disappearance and his life slowly unravels after she goes missing His relationship with his in laws is strained as many of them blame him for her disappearance; as a result he finds himself increasingly alone in his search for his wife and his desperation until he is trapped in the elevator with the three women who sign on for his search and rally around himThe story is essentially told around the absence of Alexandra we learn very little about her throughout the novel and the real revelations are in the lives of the four main characters who are tied together in their search for Alexandra At some point I found myself almost forgetting about Alexandra as I became and drawn into the stories of the four main characters Because the story is told from the points of view of these four main characters with a few other minor ones thrown in for good measure the novel seemed a little choppy to me in the beginning I felt as if I barely knew any character well enough to care about them and kept wondering when I would learn about Alexandra But once I realized that the book was really not about Alexandra and the stories behind each of the four main characters began to unfold I found I could not put the book down In the last third of the novel the revelations come fast and furious for each of the four main characters Their stories were often very emotional as they dealt with histories of mental illness sacrificed dreams and the loss of loved ones I definitely shed a tear or two in the last part of the bookI thoroughly enjoyed this novel even though some of the themes are uite heavy death loss mental illness the author infuses the dialogue with humor and uips which helps to lighten the mood of the novel I am now eager to move onto the other novels by the author currently on my shelf Pack Up the MoonApart from the Crowd and As Sure As the Sun