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REVIEW The Ptarmigan's Dilemma An Exploration into How Life Organizes and Supports Itself î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB õ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Ptarmigan's Dilemma An Exploration into How Life Organizes and Supports Itself ⚣ John Theberge – Gym-apparelN either discipline can alone of how for almost billion years life on Earth has evolved into the rich diversity that's under threat today Along the way they explain just what the survival of the fittest really means how dramatic evolutionary changes can take place in just one generation and how our Ptarmigan's Dilemma An Exploration into Kindle too little knowledge of or interest in how life on Earth organizes and supports itself is rapidly making us a danger to ourselv. My ratings of books on Goodreads are solely a crude ranking of their utility to me and not an evaluation of literary merit entertainment value social importance humor insightfulness scientific accuracy creative vigor suspensefulness of plot depth of characters vitality of theme excitement of climax satisfaction of ending or any other combination of dimensions of value which we are expected to boil down through some fabulous alchemy into a single digit

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Drawing on breakthrough research in Dilemma An PDFEPUB #230 evolution genetics and on their extensive work in the field and The Ptarmigan's PDF or lab wildlife biologists John and Mary Theberge explain for non scientists the real facts of lifeBirds that Ptarmigan's Dilemma An eBook #10003 suddenly grow gall bladders when their species has none Moose with antlers so big they encumber their Ptarmigan's Dilemma An Exploration into Kindle movement through the forest Butterf. Theberge John and Theberge Mary The Ptarmigan’s DilemmaThis is a great book for the armchair ecologist filled with exciting stories about researching populations of pika or caribou migration Reading this book as a non scientist what I appreciated was the way the authors presented an ecological concept and explained it while showing the relevant research or findings In one chapter they discuss the differences in biology and adaptation between shrublands and grasslands in the west They then show this has played out with different kinds of grazers such as bison elkand cattle and the conseuences to rangeland They also discuss interspecific competition illustrating this with the problem of cheatgrass a ”ruthless plunderer” as they call it overcoming the native grasses This leads to considerations of setting aside land perhaps in national parks where nature can restore itself And the authors briefly show how this one change affects other species in the ecosystem such as burrowing owls or grasshopper sparrows and then biodiversity in general The authors have done a fantastic job of taking the tiniest elements of nature and relating them to the big picture around the globe how it all hangs together In the concluding chapterthe authors passionately remind us that the processes of nature adaptation competition succession habitat selection predation regulation of populations – are what we must work with if we are to maintain a sustainable earth

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The Ptarmigan's Dilemma An Exploration into How Life Organizes and Supports ItselfLies that risk extinction by overwintering en masse These are just a few stories the Theberges tell in their examination of what the mechanisms of evolution are and how they work With examples from the very latest discoveries in genetics and ones they have made in their own field work The Ptarmigan's Dilemma is a ground breaking explanation of evolution for non scientistsBy marrying the separate sciences of ecology and genetics the Theberges paint a picture far richer tha. A review for the general reader of the current state of ecology and evolutionary biology science by a pair of Canadian scientists which means that some of their analogies endearingly depend on references to ice hockey illustrated with examples from their wide ranging field work Their use of scientific binomials is inconsistent generally restricted to large mammals Perhaps the most controversial territory covered by the Theberges comes in chapter 13 concerning the putative evolution of ecosystems I found the discussion in chapter 15 of community dynamics in the oceans with parallels to terrestrial systems enlightening