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The Buffalo Are Back review À 100 ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Buffalo Are Back Author Jean Craighead George – The buffalo an American icon once nearly extinct has made a comeback This stirring picture book tells the dramatic story following bison from the Plains Indians to the cowboys Teddy Roosevelt to the D The buffalo anThe buffalo an American icon once nearly extinct has made a comeback This stirring picture book tells the dramatic story following bison from the Plains Indians. I don't usually post the books I read with my six year old daughter but then they don't usually move her to tears When we reached the part that detailed how the US government finally decimated the great herds of buffalo NOT for meat hides or even a depraved sense of sport but as a tactic to drive the Native American Indians from their lands onto the reservation she was crying asking Why don't people THINK about other people before they do things She was distraught when she learned how the loss of the bison helped change the ecosystem of the plains leading up to the dustbowl of the 30's But then when she read about Teddy Roosevelt and WT Hornaday discovering the last stand of 300 animals in a secluded meadow in Montana a place that had been hidden away from the world she was overjoyed and grabbed onto a new pair of heroes as she learned about their efforts to save and rebuild the herds Jean Craighead George truly is a national treasure to be cherished right alongside the bison and other wildlife she has championed for so long Beautifully illustrated with paintings by Wendell Minor this is a children's book that should find its way into any home with youngstersand wouldn't be an unwelcome addition to those without any as well

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Tings by landscape artist Wendell Minor Jean Craighead George’s engaging text will inspire a new generation to understand and protect nature’s delicate balan. George Jean Craighead 2010 The Buffalo are Back New York NY Dutton Children’s Books Text to Text My students and I are big fans of Jean Craighead George I featured her story The Eagles are Back in the bird text set and the kids loved it Similar to this text she gives a background information tells the historical story and ends by weaving in modern details This text also connects to details in Black Elk’s Vision in that it mentions how the “soldiers and settlers were encouraged to shoot every buffalo they saw or drive whole herds over cliffs Without buffalo for food shelter and clothing the Indians could not survive on the plains” The two texts could easily be used together in a thematic unit The Buffalo Are Back would give the viewpoint across a span of time while Black Elk’s Vision offers a uniue first person account Jean Craighead George’s books contain rich detailed illustrations that support emerging readers pick out the main idea of the page Bloom’s uestionsRemembering List five intriguing words you learned from this book Define each Understanding Describe three causeeffect relationships found in this bookApplying Did this book remind you of anything that has happened to you What was the situation Share why it reminded you of the experience How did you actreactAnalyzing Use a Venn Diagram to compare a character from the book with a character from another book you’ve recently readEvaluation Which character in the book would you choose for a friend Explain why Creating Design a story map or a timeline of main events If you were to go back in time what solution could you devise to help the Native Americans keep their land 3 Book Review July 1 2010 School Library Journal July 1 2010 Retrieved from

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The Buffalo Are BackTo the cowboys Teddy Roosevelt to the Dust Bowl and from the brink of extinction to the majestic herds that now roam our national parks Paired with gorgeous pain. An American icon the buffalo were once nearly extinct Jean Craighead George's historical fiction story follows the bison from the Plains Indians to the cowboys to near extinction Today these majestic animals are protected in our national parks and are beginning to make a comeback as Jean relays to her readers The Buffalo are Back is a well illustrated book with full page bleeds and double page spreads The orientation of the front cover invites the reader to open the book As you continue to turn the pages The story tells about how the buffalo were decimated from the plains but One may believe the facts are blurred through her American eyes As you begin to pick apart the vocabulary she used throughout the pages one begins to uestions why did she use the words Indians instead of stating the tribe associated with the time and location One also uestions why when she speaks of the fur traders she uses the word white and switches to American to describe the explores This book would best suite children between the 2nd and 6th grade and used in the subjects of history reading or writing In the classroom I would use this book to start a conversation about how history is portrayed through different perspectives