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characters The Weekend Was Murder ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [Reading] ➲ The Weekend Was Murder ➺ Joan Lowery Nixon – For fans of Gillian Flynn Caroline Cooney and RL Stine comes The Weekend was Murder from four time Edgar Allen Poe Young Adult Mystery Award winner JoaUsly plotted fast paced and lighthearted” – Publishers Weekly   “Fans will love wading through the myriad details and placing bets on the outcome” – Kirkus Reviews   “Mystery fans willenjoy trying to solve the various crimes” – School Library Journal From the Trade Paperback edition. The book The Weekend Was Murder by Joan Lowery Nixon is about a girl named Mary Elizabeth who is working at a hotel called the Ridley Hotel for the summer A famous mystery writer is coming to the hotel to host a murder mystery or all of her fans The writer is bringing along wig her a troupe of actors Mary Elizabeth is acted a role Her role is to find the body in room 1927 which is supposedly haunted But when she finds a real body in that room the whole game changes Mary Elizabeth is working at the Ridley Hotel this summer to earn some money She is working with her friend Fran At the hotel she heard that the room 1927 was haunted Fran and her went to go check out the room While they were exploring the room they heard a voice They figured it was was the ghosts voice so they bolted out of the roomTheir boss told them that a famous writer was coming to the hotel to host a mystery murder game for her fans The writer was bringing a group of actors that would help with the game Mary Elizabeth and Fran are casted parts Mary's job is to discover the body The game begins She is up in the suite of room 1927 when she discovers a real body Police and investigators show up at the hotel to try and solve the murder While Mary is in the room 1927 the ghost appears and gives her a clue to help solve the murder Some things I disliked about the book was the plot The author made it very confusing for me to follow I got confused at parts but caught on I didn't really like this book maybe it's because it's not my favorite genre I thought however it kinda kept me on my toes This is a book that I wouldn't really read again but I would suggest it to another person who likes mystery and can keep up with a confusing plot

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For fans of Gillian Flynn Caroline Cooney and RL Stine The Weekend ePUB #10003 comes The Weekend was Murder from four time Edgar Allen Poe Young Adult Mystery Award winner Joan Lowery Nixon          Mary Elizabeth can’t wait for the weekend to begin at the Ridley Hotel where a famous mystery w. I had so much fun reading this book and revisiting the characters It’s an interesting summer YA mystery with 90s’ vibes all the way Mary Elizabeth and the hotel gang are back to help host a murder mystery weekend but an actual murder interferes with the festivities Combine a fictional murder a real murder and money laundering then add ghosts and you’ve got this book Unfortunately there are only 2 “Mary Elizabeth” books from Joan Lowery Nixon but I wish there were She totally had a future as a sassy detective

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The Weekend Was MurderRiter and a troupe of actors are coming to enact a murder mystery for amateur sleuths Mary Elizabeth’s role is to discover the “body” in Room which is supposed to be haunted But nothing prepares her for the real body she finds in Room   “A masterfully constructed engaging read thatis ingenio. The premise of this one had so much potential a group of people get together at a hotel to solve a pretend murder only for a real body to be found at the crime scene We don’t judge stories on the premises though We judge them on the story itself and it’s there that this one falls flat Instead of watching our main character solve the mystery we mostly just watch her wander around trying to hide what really happened from the guests who are trying to solve the fake murder Why Because they don’t want to guests to know for some reason How they manage to keep all 150 people in the dark while the media is there and real police are swarming around I can't even begin to fathom You'd think that people would at least turn on the TV at night or read the paper because this story takes place over a full weekend meaning that there was plenty of time for someone to find out the truthI will admit it was funny at first as it leads to some ridiculous scenes where people talking about the real murder are pounced on by those playing the game who think it has to do with their murder Where that falls apart is that they then fit the things from the real murder into the fake one to keep the immersion going It’s bizarre and gets old pretty fast By the end I felt bad for the fake sleuthsThen there’s the murder itself The culprit is not set up and when they were discussing what happened I honestly thought that was just a child’s wild guess that was going to uickly be disproved I didn’t believe that it was the actual answer and even now I’m annoyed by itThere’s also the fact that the murder takes place in a haunted hotel room and the ghost does of the solving than the sleuth does It's a bizarre element that felt completely out of place This is supposed to be a murder mystery not a psychic thriller Mystery means solving through brain power and clues not waiting for a ghost to play charades with youIt’s not a bad book for a kid to read but for a serious mystery lover it was a letdown