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FREE DOWNLOAD õ GYM-APPAREL.CO.UK ç Stanisław Lem Agenta wojskowego skierowaną przeciwko nieznanym wrogom wewnętrznym Wszystko zorganizowane w stylu ultratajnych szpiegowskich awantur Pozycja zawiera także Czy Lem wiedział co to jest dusza Rozmowa z prof Marią Orwid Podróż do kresu znaczenia Posłowie prof Jerzego Jarzębskiego. This book is NOT science fiction It is Kafka meets Lewis Carroll meets Alain Robbe Grillet A story of a nameless man seemingly trapped in an underground Building of many levels with all of the attributes of a long long suffocating dream a tale with its own internal logic but utterly outside anything rational or real Written and published in Polish in 1961 translated into English in 1973 and dismissed by yours truly in 2016 as a WTF entry on my bookshelves with a hallowed place between Zen and the Art of Diesel Typewriter Maintenance and 20000 Wanks Under the Sheet Hands down this is the craziest novel I have ever read The introduction or prologue such as it is is a teaser that is clumsily grafted onto the main story Ostensibly written in 3149 the prologue introduces the memoirs as having been found in a bathtub in an ancient underground military like facility destroyed by a volcanic eruption roughly 1600 years previous to their find The prologue dwells on a cataclysmic event in earlier millennia in which a virus accidentally introduced by space travelers returning from one of the moons of Uranus destroyed all of the paper on Earth and all of humanity's knowledge bringing chaos anarchy and a new Dark Age The memoirs and their discovery are mentioned almost as an afterthought Written in 1961 the fictional paper cataclysm is eerily prescient of what would probably result in the wake of an electromagnetic pulse following one or nuclear detonations over one or continents I have wanted to read this book for several decades after I had read Solaris I wanted and expected to be entertained enlightened and that I would walk away a better person for the experience Unfortunately I am none of these although looking on the bright side I can at last check this one off my bucket list 3 stars here because I know it took considerable talent to conceive and execute the novel and craftsmanship deserves a respectful nod However I suspect Lem's editor was a catatonic by the time the manuscript went to print Everything has its cost

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READ & DOWNLOAD ã Pamiętnik znaleziony w wannie ✓ [EPUB] ✰ Pamiętnik znaleziony w wannie Author Stanisław Lem – To powieść której akcja osadzona jest w roku 3149 nowego kalendarza gdy odnaleziony zostaje tytułowy pamiętnikTo relacja z pierwszej ręki dotycząca przeżyć agenta uwięzionego g To powieść której akcja osadzona jest w roku nowego kalendarza gdy odnaleziony zostaje tytułowy pamiętnikTo relacja z pierwszej ręki dotycząca przeżyć agenta uwięzionego głęboko w podziemnym kompleksie wojskowym Nowego Pentagonu gdzieś pod Górami Skalistymi Świat i życi. “When you jump for joy beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet”― Stanisław LemIf you are up for writing with ample helpings of the polyglotomatic and metapsychodelic Memoirs Found in a Bathtub Stanislaw Lem’s 1961 novel of screwball bureaucratic misadventure will most certainly stir your brainwaves and set your neural neurons fizzing What a polyglot and metaphysician was our author fluent in Polish Latin German French English Russian Ukrainian Lem’s expertise ranged from medicine and biology physics and astronomy mathematics and robotics to philosophy literature and linguistics And added to this intellectual mix such a protean imagination – numerous collections of highly provocative essays dozens of short stories and seventeen science fiction novels many judged among the best within the genre A twelve page Introduction part of the novel written hundreds of years into the future outlines how this manuscript Notes from the Neogene or its commonly known title Memoirs Found in a Bathtub is a precious relic from Earth’s ancient past a period of decline which directly preceded the great Collapse a time when paper was used extensively for writing Among the numerous documented facts alluded to by this archaeologist of the future in his uest to discover the reasons behind the demise of that paper centered bathroom centered ancient civilization is a thriving cult revolving around Kap Eh Taahl a deity denied supernatural existence Yes Kap Eh Taahl is “Capital” one example of how the Introduction scholarly and authoritative in tone is a Stanislaw Lem ish tour de force of word play word blending punning spoonerisms neologisms double entendre tongue twisters and tongue in cheek Nevertheless these introductory remarks are picture perfect as a set up to frame the narrative that follows an extensive firsthand report authored by a newly assigned secret agent caught in an unending network of offices corridors stairs elevators and bathrooms forming part of a vast underground military compound If this strikes you as a Kafkaesue parable of little guy versus big bureaucracy you hit the bulls eye – much of the spirit of Lem's novel is captured in the above Jaroslav Rona sculpture located in Prague with natty Franz Kafka atop a headless handless giant In the very first paragraph our disoriented narrator tells us he can’t locate the proper room amid multiple levels of departments and offices in this Pentagon like Building as he attempts to press through crowds of marching military personnel disguised agents and preoccupied secretaries Kafka’s An Imperial Message comes immediately to mind a tale where a messenger sent by the Emperor is trying to bring a special message for you alone but the messenger must push through a solid mass of humanity in an outer courtyard only to find another horde of people in the next courtyard blocking his way and so it continues such that alas you will never receive your message Anybody who has ever been obliged to deal with a bloated administrative system will hear a familiar ring The narrator wends his way to the office of powerfully built bald old General Kashenblade Commander in Chief only to be given an unidentified special mission The uestions he asks about the specifics of his mission the indecipherable the explanations even moving out to the stars as when the old man pontificates “And the spiral nebulae Well Don’t tell me you don’t know what that means SPY ral And the expanding universe the retreating galaxies Where are they going What are they running from And the Doppler shift to the red Highly suspicious – no A clear admission of guilt” Such decidedly cerebral passages are reminiscent of another classic where imagination and erudite fancy mix with elements of physics mathematics astronomy and other sciences t zero by Italo Calvino Lem’s polyglot background freuently shines through with a light touch a real treat for readers who enjoy heady subjects and brain teasers mixed in with their fiction Next stop we follow our earnest special agent now a man on a mission to the main office where he is approached by a young officer who introduces himself as Lieutenant Blanderdash the Chief’s undercover aide Whoa Stanislaw Was that Blanderdash or Balderdash Blanderdash proceeds to ask the agent if he yawns or snores the department lost many people by snoring before leading him to the Department of Collections to view along with a multitude of other absurdities cabinets with millions of cuff links and glass cases filled with artificial ears noses bridges fingernails warts eyelashes boils and humps Given such a display no pun intended of government and military intelligence brings to mind Moscow 2042 and other comic masterpieces by Vladimir Voinovich Such a sharp satirical needle – too bad the archaeologist examining these memoirs assumes the narrator is entirely serious and completely reliable He’s missing out on much of the irony and dark humor I’m reminded yet again of another author Lewis Carroll and his Alice in Wonderland most especially the Mad Hatter’s tea party For the I turned the pages the I had the feeling special agent Undereavesdropper Blassenkash in Chapter 2 he answers to this title and name is trapped in a building filled with a stream of Mad Hatters spouting sheer indecipherable nonsense I actually found this one of the amusing and telling aspects of the tale since the madness is accentuated by our unfortunate narrator forever remaining the serious formal straight man Perhaps agent Blassenkash finally comes to understand the underlying meaning of what’s going on either all of this is a test for him to pass in his capacity as agent or fanfare tooted by Alice's White Rabbit on his tiny trumpet everyone is a raving lunatic Or maybe he has been misled by enemy spies that have infiltrated the Building Or then again his very presence in the Building is in fact his mission Or a dozen other possibilities You will have to read for yourself to decipher the code However be aware – there could be than one code As a head Building official explains “Now there are calling codes stalling codes departmental codes special codes and – you’ll like this” he grinned “they’re changed every day Each section of course has its own system so the same word or name will have a different meaning on different levels” Stanisław Lem age 50 at his typewriter in Kraków Poland 1971

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Pamiętnik znaleziony w wannieE tajnego kompleksu rządowego przypominają kafkowskie wizje biurokracji i zagubienia w trybach maszyn urzędniczych Pamiętnik znaleziony PDFEPUB or Bohater w tym nieprzyjaznym świecie gdzie tylko on wydaje się być normalnym musi pod zagrożeniem życia kontynuować tajną misję. With the Futurological Congress the most outlandish and grotesue novel of Lem i have read and perhaps the most of all i have read in my lifeWhat a mixsurpassing all themof Lewis CarrollKafka and Dickhe takes the logic to the absurd extreme as Carollbuilds a grotesue senseles burocratic world as Kafka and transmits a sense of nigmarish irreality as Dicka real irreality without the need od drugsAfter a ancient plague that have destroyed all the paper and by that the histhory records in near the 4000 year the histhorians have a fragmentary record of the near to day civilization named the NeogeneAfter a hilarant historian satyra over the ideologic fight between capitalism and comunism the histhorians find in a big bunker in the Rocky Mountains named the Last Pentagon flooded by magma a memoirs written by a inhabitant of the building closed to the rest of the world in a claustrophobic militaristic extreme burocratic societyNarrated in first person by a man without name in a unfrutuous search of the class and meaning of a mission ordered to him he makes a narration of a world where the characters each one absurd each one in search of his existential meaningin a chaotic organizationLem carries the reality to the most extreme senselescreate delirant neologismscreate outlandish concepts as the desemantizacion of the wordsthe nested layers of encripted normal languajethe nested layers of truth and spy in a paranoic esuizofrenic paradiseThere is a duality beween the Building and a next Antibuilding with simetric interchangeable roles with perhaps a deeper open meaningThe building is the absolut maze where the characters are lost in search of his existential meaningThe book is open to several interpretationspossibly a alegoria of the despersonaliced paranoic and senseles world of his sovietic orbit natal PolandA uniue original nigmarishgrotesue and full of bleak humor postapocaliptic distopiaA strongly recomended masterwork in its genre