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Download Æ The Jewel That Was Ours ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ [BOOKS] ✭ The Jewel That Was Ours ✯ Colin Dexter – Superbly clue ladenA complex and satisfying puzzleTHE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBEThe case seems so simple Inspector Morse deemed it beneath his notice A wealthy elderIous Randolph Hotel Missing from the scene is the lady's handbag which contained the Wolvercote Tongue a priceless jewel that her late husband had beueathed to the Ashmolean Museum just across the Jewel That Was Kindle #208 street Morse proceeds to spend a great. Inspector Morse mystery No 9 and the finest so far in my humble opinion This is an Agatha Christie esue murder mystery paced to perfection A package tour of mostly elderly Americans is disrupted by thievery and possible murders plural and Morse 8 out of 12

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Superbly clue ladenA complex and That Was MOBI #244 satisfying puzzleTHE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBEThe case seems so simple Inspector Morse deemed it beneath his notice A wealthy elderly American tourist has a heart attack in her room The Jewel PDF or at Oxford's luxur. A uniue episode in the Inspector Morse canon The Jewel That Was Ours started out as an episode for television written by Julian Mitchell entitled The Wolvercote Tongue Inspector Morse was a very popular TV series starring John Thaw as Morse and Kevin Whately as Lewis who by the time of this episode were both well established in their character roles The Wolvercote Tongue went to air in season 2 on 25th December 1987 and was only developed into a novel his ninth in the Inspector Morse series by Colin Dexter in 1991Writers especially of detective fiction often say that when a well loved character is portrayed on television the visual image of the actor their familiar mannerisms and way the character is depicted then feed into subseuent books which they might write But it must be a rare case where not only the actors' versions are well established enough in the public's mind to influence the author but an actual plot too It is not clear who had the idea initially but it says a lot for the skill of Julian Mitchell who wrote and adapted several episodes in the TV series that he should have captured the feel of the novels so well that Colin Dexter paid him the compliment of developing the idea in this way The endings of the two stories though are uite different It has to be said that the first third of the novel falls a little flat especially coming straight on the heels of the excellent The Wench is Dead which had won a gold dagger award It starts with three hosts who are preparing to welcome an exclusive tour group of Americans to the elegant Randolph Hotel in Oxford Sheila Williams is a liaison and event organiser for the university She has been having an affair with another of the organisers Dr Theodore Kemp who is the curator of the Ashmolean Museum We enter the story at the point where it looks as if Kemp has broken this off The third host is the tour's leader John Ashendon Among the tourists in the exclusive party are Eddie Stratton and his wife Laura Phil Aldrich Janet Roscoe a vociferous and opinionated woman Howard and Shirley Brown Sam and Vera Kronuist and Nancy Wiseman The first part of the novel revolves around the death of Laura Stratton who is found dead in her room at the Randolph Hotel shortly after the group has arrived Her handbag in which she has been keeping the Wolvercote Tongue has been stolen The Wolvercote Tongue forms part of a jewelled Saxon belt buckle and Laura had been intending to donate it to the Ashmolean museum during the tour thereby fulfilling her late husband's wishes Her first husband had been fairly wealthy a middle bracket philanthropist who had willed much of his precious collection to museums The high point of the group's tour of Oxford was to be Laura Stratton's presentation of the Wolvercote Tongue which obviously now had to be cancelled In the meantime Inspector Morse and Sergeant Lewis investigate the theft as rifts rivalries and resentments reveal themselves between the organisersIn part two of the book view spoiler only a couple of days later a battered and naked corpse is dragged from the River Cherwell This proves to be the body of the Ashmolean's expert on the Wolvercote Tongue Theodore Kemp Morse had already had his suspicions about the death of Laura Stratton Now he is sure there is a connection with the theft of the Wolvercote Tongue as Kemp had made strenuous attempts to locate the Wolvercote Tongue after its rediscovery and disappearance in 1873 He had finally tracked it down to its American owner It seemed far too much of a coincidence for Kemp to die at the point when he would finally be able to lay his hands on it Morse and Lewis therefore turn their attentions to investigating both cases as suspicious deaths despite the pathologist's insistence that Laura Stratton died of natural causes hide spoiler

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The Jewel That Was OursDeal of time thinking and drinking in the hotel's bar certain the solution is close at hand until conflicting stories suspicious doings and a real murder convince him otherwiseIt is a delight to watch this brilliant uirky man Morse deduceMINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUN. Another is the Inspector Morse series and eually as complex as others in the ouevre An American tourist dies of an apparent heart attack in a local hotel and Morse is less than pleased to be called out on this seemingly innocent death But this is a Morse mystery so you know that there is much going on that meets the eye As usual Morse gets off track immediately once he figures out that something is amiss and we try to follow his logic as he moves toward the answer Colin Dexter's book are such fun to read and can be rather educational when Morse gets on a roll regarding literature music et al I watched the television series before I read the books so I can see John Thaw as a attractive Morse than Dexter describes him in print One of the great modern British mystery series