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REVIEW Ô The Lost Hero à ❮Reading❯ ➸ The Lost Hero Author Rick Riordan – Jason has a problem He doesn't remember anything before waking in a bus full of kids on a field trip Apparently he has a girlfriend named Piper and his best friend is a guy named Leo They’re all stu Jason has a problem He doesn't remember Jason has a problem He doesn't remember anything before waking in a bus full of kids on a field trip Apparently he has a girlfriend named Piper and his best friend is a guy named Leo They’re all students at the Wilderness School a boarding school for The Lost PDFEPUB“bad kids” as Leo puts it What did Jason do to end up here And where is here exactly Jason doesn't know anything except that everything seems very wrongPiper has a secret Her father a famous actor has been missing for three days ever since she had t. 455 starsGreat book I loved the Roman aspect to it and CANNOT WAIT to learn about all the Roman stuff in the next book because I can already tell it's going to get CRAZYYYYYY

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Hat terrifying nightmare about his being in trouble Piper doesn't understand her dream or why her boyfriend suddenly doesn't recognize her When a freak storm hits during the school trip unleashing strange creatures and whisking her Jason and Leo away to someplace called Camp Half Blood she has a feeling she's going to find out whether she wants to or not Leo has a way with tools When he sees his cabin at Camp Half Blood filled with power tools and machine parts he feels right at home But there's weird stuff too like. EDIT So uh I was kind of maybe extremely delirious when I originally wrote this but I find it kind of awkward entertaining and since so many people have liked it I guess I'll leave it up 'THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS If you were lame enough to click the show button even though the Goodreads thing automatically says spoilers um no offense STOP READING THIS REVIEW RIGHT NOWWell Now that that's settledKJSNFGHLJKEHNRJLKG AWRKLG AJKREG KLAWR JW4HT ;JRKGWA AEIOPRU35JY AE;GJKR AJ;GROIT JAE;GKLAJWRIT JWROGIJW OAGI;Rick Riordan is alternately brilliant and cruel HOW I ask you can he come up with a plot this crazily insane in an awesome way yet end the book with the WORST CLIFFHANGER IN ALL OF LITERARY HISTORYOkay maybe that's a bit of a stretch I'd say the worstbest cliffy in maybe the last century Yeah that's itBut anywayAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH I SWEAR TO GODS PERCY YOU HAD BETTER GET YOUR MEMORY AND GET YOUR SORRY HIDE BACK TO NEW YORK OR I WILL FIND A WAY TO GET INSIDE THE BOOK AND KILL YOUAlso I just had a terrible horrible ugly bad horrendous repulsive monstrous ideaSo at the end of the book when Jason remembers all that stuff about the Roman camp he remembers the names of all his friends Then he remembers this girl and gets kind of uncomfortable because he can't remember what his relationship was with her meaning they definitely liked each other but now he can't remember her and now he likes Piper which I find adorable by the way so if he goes back there's going to be some serious girl dramaBut actually the drama isn't my point My point is Jason forgot everything including who his friends were and who he had a crush on whether it be unreuited or tiny and if Percy's hanging at that Roman camp in the Neptune cabin there's a 999999999% chance that he's just like Jason and can't remember anything about CHB or anything else either since Annabeth is always right and allSo does that mean he likes SOMEONE ELSEthrows tantrum LKJEFKJWE JKERGA ERJGPOAREJ OAREKJG AWOERJ AEOROJG AOER GAOERJOJSHRG ERGKAREKJL That is all For now

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The Lost HeroThe curse everyone keeps talking about and some camper who's gone missing Weirdest of all his bunkmates insist that each of them including Leo is related to a god Does this have anything to do with Jason's amnesia or the fact that Leo keeps seeing ghostsJoin new and old friends from Camp Half Blood in this thrilling first book in The Heroes of Olympus series Best selling author Rick Riordan has pumped up the action humor suspense and mystery in an epic adventure that will leave readers panting for the next installmen. Well I finished re reading all the Percy Jackson the Olympians books so now I'm attempting to re read all the Heroes of Olympus books as well––mostly because I wanted to refresh my memory before The Blood of Olympus comes out After that no Percy Jackson sobsSo yeah I've now finished re reading this one––which was a good idea because as I read it I realized I'd forgotten like 99% of what happened in it I also think I liked it a lot better reading it the second time probably because I'm familiar with the characters now The first time I read it I think I was a little distracted being like but WHERE'S PERCY JACKSON Reading it again and knowing there was no Percy in it I think I was a bit invested in the characters I still am not a huge fan of Jason or Piper but LEOOOOO GAHHH I love Leo so much Apparently the first time I read this book I really liked Piper But I don't know the second time around I didn't like her much Huh Well anyway I'll write a newlonger review at some point Oldcrappy review under the spoiler view spoilerOld review 111310I will come up with an epic review for this soon But now I need to do the homework I neglected while I was reading it  teehee I find it amusing that this is my 2nd most popular review and that I haven't even reviewed it yet Oops I read it almost half a year ago so I should probably get on that headsmack AN ETERNITY LATER Well I was sad that I had nothing to review but then I remembered that I never reviewed this and had been meaning to do so for ages I should be reading the 7th Harry Potter book so I can review that––but I don't feel like reading right now And I might as well get this dang thing over with Gosh darn itOkay so here's the deal I read this book in November It's June now It's been seven months since I read this so I don't really remember it in detail Hence this review will probably totally suck because I am having trouble recalling all the things that happened in this book I'm sure I took a lot of mental notes and I bet I was planning some big epic review and then I just didn't want to write it because it was going to be long and time consuming to write and yada yada So here we are Yet oddly enough of all my reviews this is the one with the second most amount of votes Which is rather sad since I sometimes spend like 3 hours writing a review for something and then it gets no votes SobsAll right all right Enough of my pity partySo Rick Riordan RICK RIORDAN I love him And I hate him He is so wonderful but so evil I find this to be true of most of my favorite authorsAnyway Mr Riordan has a lot of skill He creatively ties mythology into reality and his characters are developed well His writing isn't the best thing ever but at least it's funny I love love loved the Percy Jackson books It's one of my very favorite series And I enjoyed the first Kane Chronicles book as well although not as much as Percy Jackson Aaaand same goes for The Lost Hero I loved it but not as much as the series from which it originated I thought it was a better book but I don't know I guess I have of a sentimental attachment to Percy Jackson since I was part of the whole hype from when I was 12 until I was 16 when the last book came out So it's a little hard to let go of that attachment and be like I MISS PERCY But oh wellSo yeah this book I guess I'm a little late writing this review as I've already implied I don't know if I should really bother going into detailWell I liked that Annabeth was in it That made me happy But I MISS PERCY DANG IT AND HE WASN'T IN IT AT ALL IT MADE ME ANGRY But the other characters were pretty cool I loved Leo and Piper They both had cool backstories and were very likable Jason on the other hand I didn't like very much He was just kinda ehhh The whole memory loss thing made him a bit hard to relate to because without it he didn't really have a backstory and therefore didn't seem like much of a developed character He was just being kickass all the time and being like I don't know why I'm so kickass I just am YEAH Well I hope he'll be a tad developed in the other books Aaand the plot the plot was cool There were scary monsters and gods and stuff Hooray for mythology I liked how in this one Rick Riordan addressed Roman mythology and how it relates to Greek mythology––and how there's the Roman camp as well as the Greek oneAnd then there was the ending The horrible endingview spoilerPercy Jackson lost his memory WONDERFUL JUST WONDERFUL Five books for nothing And herein lies the really annoying problem Because you know you read this and you're like Jason and Piper should be a couple And then you realize that Jason had some other girlfriend at the Roman camp And then if you think of Percy who has Annabeth Except now he is at the Roman camp and has forgotten everything as well And might have met someone else So Jason's ex girlfriend is basically the Annabeth in this situation MAN THIS SUCKS GAHHH BASHES HEAD THROUGH A WINDOW hide spoiler