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Idi Amin Summary ✓ 108 ï ➺ Idi Amin Free ➰ Author Manzoor Moghal – Idi Amin was no fool Despite the numerous caricatures as a lunatic murderer he was a towering figure both in Uganda and the African continent and he outwitted all his opponents until his downfall When Idi Amin was no fool Despite the numerous caricatIdi Amin was no fool Despite the numerous caricatures as a lunatic murderer he was a towering figure both in Uganda and the African continent and he outwitted all his opponents until his downfall When he came into power after having engineered a military coup to overthrow President Milton Obote the nemesis of Britain he was the darling of the West He was lavishly praised for his bravery in ridding Uganda of a dictator who had increasingly become a thorn in Britain's side But when he began to make demands on Britain to discharge its aid comm. Frustrating I was looking for a straightforward biography of Amin and while there are biographical details it's far from comprehensive Instead it focuses largely on Amin's treatment and mistreatment of Asian mostly Indian populations a fascinating topic that deserves a longer treatise but not what I was looking for

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Itments to Uganda the British chose to ridicule him for his 'buffoonery' He turned instead to Libya for his immediate financial needs and that was the beginning of both the widening gulf between Britain and Idi Amin and also the establishment of a new dictator in Africa He was an uneducated man but he was deeply cunning and calculating With his effusive charm and outward affability he was able to disarm his enemies and then catch them unawares Though he ran his administration with the help of the elite civil servants of the country it was b. A view from the Asian Ugandan perspective

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Idi AminY his animal instincts that he kept himself in power As internal economic problems grew he made scapegoats of the Asians of Uganda blaming them for all the ills of the country In a masterstroke he succeeded in expelling the Asian community from Uganda in without any serious repercussions from the West He wrested away the economy of Uganda from the hands of the Asians and put it into the lap of the Africans of his country who loved him for this and his other exploits in a way that can only be compared to the way Germans had once loved Hitler. I wasn't planning on reading this bookor any book about Idi Amin but my reading on the nearby country of the DR Congo led me to pick it up My interests tend to splinter into other similar or related things and I wound up reading this biography of Idi Amin by Manzoor Moghal First of all I had to appreciate the tone of the book and what seemed to me the author's desire to write objectively about Christians and other religious groups to which he being a Muslim does not belong There was no diatribe against Judeo Christian principles in the least; he wrote rather sympathetically of the Christian plight in areas of the book But that not being a major feature of the book and a side note allow me to move right along I also appreciated the pretty straightforward chronological approach the author took to the overall narrative A pet peeve of mine is to have an author meander back and forth in time without much of a warning before doing so leaving the reader to pick up on the rabbit trail and orient himherself to how it fits the bigger picture Moghal did not do this much and for that I salute him I found the book very readable and interesting Moghal managed to keep me page turning I read the kindle version so page clicking might be accurate in a book I never expected to find myself reading on a topic I had never before been overly interested in In hindsight after doing some similar reading on the colonization of Africa I'm ashamed to have to admit that I had no interest there but ignorance sometimes knows no bounds particularly in the West I stand well sit before you guilty as charged The world should know about the atrocities going on around them even and perhaps especially across borders But let me get back on trackthe book was written in an engaging and readable manner which is how a book purporting to tell a story SHOULD be written Too often I'm afraid authors sacrifice readability and the uality of a story for being or attempting to be too literary This book is absent of any of that I guess in the end while I only gave it three stars truth be told it was like 35 It did its job in informing me about a cruel despot that I had only heard of before I've no doubt Uganda is better off without him but I am better off for knowing about him as it evidences the depths to which the human mind is capable of plumbing to grab power and achieve fame