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Singing Away the HungerThe Autobiography of an African WomanA voice almost never heard in literature or history a voice from within the struggle of ordinary African women to negotiate a world which incorporates ancient pastoral ways and the conge. This book is unusual in several respects it is a type of memoirautobiography as told to someone but it is non linear The point of view is that of a poor black woman from Lesotho who only finished primary school yet speaks EIGHT languages not the typical memoir from the educated or even elite class of Africans to which we in the West have become accustomed when trying to learn about life in Africa Also it was translated by the author Mpho Nthunya in the sense that she translated all her stories and experiences from Sesotho into English as she told them to K Limakatso Kendall her transcriber and editor they worked on the editing togetherMpho is clearly gifted intellectually and worked hard her entire life whilst dealing with multiple tragedies and set backs all the while living or less hand to mouth and often going without food for days in a row She was a keen observer of people; in telling her stories about her life she often reflected on the changes that were occurring in society She was also perfectly aware of political changes that affected Lesotho and South Africa When she grasped that Kendall wanted to write an actual book of her life she was keen to participate In the Afterword Kendall described Mpho's enthusiasm upon seeing her words typed onto paper I laughed when I saw it was real that my words could look like words in a book and maybe my stories could be a book that other people could read I hope many people do read her book; I think there is a lot that all kinds of readers can take from it

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Summary Singing Away the HungerThe Autobiography of an African Woman ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ó ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Singing Away the HungerThe Autobiography of an African Woman By Mpho MAtsepo Nthunya ⚣ – A compelling and uniue autobiography Stion brutality and racist violence of city life It is also the voice of a born storyteller who has a subject worthy of her gifts a story for Singing Away MOBI #204 all the world to hear. Singing Away the Hunger The Autobiography of an African Woman is or a nice look at Lesotho through the eyes of a Basothan lady The means available to Lesothans to provide for their families is limited work in hazardous mines or seek work in South Africa Mpho M'atsepo chronicles the story of her life the loves hardships hunger and heartbreaksThe narration alternates between different periods of her life which confused at times She also changes tenses freuently during her telling However both lend a sense of credibility to this autobiography because as explained by the editor she transcribed Mpho's words almost verbatimThis is a good book for Around the World readers35 stars

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A compelling the HungerThe MOBI #239 and uniue autobiography by an African woman with little formal education less privilege and almost no experience of books or writing Mpho's voice is. The land was uiet peaceful and very pleasing to my eyes I liked the colours the shapes of the mountain tops the way the shadows from the clouds fall and move across the mountains so everything is always changing Everywhere I could smell wild sage I like the wild sage and clean mountain wind the colours of the wildflowers bright blue deep yellow or maybe red and orange like flames of the fire I like the sounds the birds and the crickets the waterfall near the house the music of sheep bells and cow bells the silence Most of all I like the silence So Mpho M'Atsepo Nthunya describes the Maluti area of Lesotho where she goes with her husband to live after police violence in South Africa becomes too much of a threat for them to raise a family safely there It is not often that you read the autobiography of someone who is at once astonishing and ordinary Mpho M'Atsepo Nthunya is both On one hand she is a cleaning woman at a guest house in a university in Lesotho often unable to feed her grandchildren from paycheck to paycheck On the other hand she is a strong wise woman who speaks 8 languages including Afrikaans and English Xhosa and Zulu Singing Away the Hunger The Autobiography of an African Woman is the story or accurately a collection of stories of her life An American Fullbright Scholar a writer and actress and grandmother herself met Mpho M'Atsepo Nthunya at the guest house and as she got to know her realized that this was someone who could tell the world about life in little Lesotho a place most Americans can't find on a map She convinced the author to publish the stories with her help in navigating the world of publishing These are well told stories about hardship about love of place about family about rivalry and hatred and forgiveness They are tales of an impoverished nation and the struggles of its people on a daily basis They are the story of what change in South Africa has meant to its neighbors But than anything they are the story of a smart strong patient wise woman who loves her family and works hard to give them a life they can survive I'm very glad to have joined the Great African Reads Group here on Goodreads or I would never have found it and learned so much from my day Singing Away the Hunger