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Download The Land of the Painted Caves ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ë [PDF] ✪ The Land of the Painted Caves ✩ Jean M. Auel – In The land of Painted Caves Jean M Auel brings the ice age epic Earth's Children series to an extraordinary conclusion Ayla one of the most remOf the MOBI #237 In The land of Painted Caves Jean M Auel brings the ice age epic Earth's Children series to an extraordinary conclusion Ayla one of the most remarkable and beloved heroines in contemporary fiction continues to explore the world and the people around her The Land PDFEPUB or with curiosity insight and above all courageAs the story opens Ayla Jondalar and their infant daughter Jonayla are welcomed by the Zelandonii but problems arise They are faced with new challenges not just the ordinary trials of sheer survival but the complications posed by Land of the MOBI #240 many groups of people who need to live and work together The wisdom that Ayla gained from her struggles as an orphaned child alone in a hostile environment strengthens her as she m. Excuse me I have some paint I need to watch dryAyla trains to be a Zelandani Ayla goes to many caves Ayla unveils the Big Secret that readers have known about since Book 1 The EndSpoilers Abound Like Mad Ye Have Been WarnedMy God If I thought the last book was fan fiction I have no idea what to call this piece of sht “Boring” “disappointing” “stupid” “mindless waste of time and paper” and “underwhelming” all come to mind But no words can describe how absolutely horrible this book isI don’t like to think I am a person who gives into hyperbole but this book is probably THE worst book I have EVER read not to mention THE worst conclusion to a beloved series It doesn’t wrap up the billion plot threads that have arisen in the previous five books Characters act largely out of character or like idiots Two thirds of the book has no plot and the last third has a plot that was regurgitated from an earlier book The writing is horrible The dialogue is terrible Whole conversations are dedicated to one character telling another about events the other character should already be aware of The pacing is all over the place More time is spent on detailing every cave Ayla visits but important events are sloppily skimmed over Several “exciting” events pause to detail Zelandani social norms the usages of cattail or recap earlier booksscenes thus breaking any sense of tension Large chunks of the book are stories from the previous five books or reiterations of events that occurred earlier in the story There is no cohesion in the book; it is separated into three parts that have very little to bind them into one work The sex though greatly reduced only two explicit sex scenes and two instances of being interrupted while having sex are still hilariously over the top and monotonous The conclusion is mournful and an insult to fansAbout the only laudable uality is the research It is obvious that Auel has put a lot of effort into the research which is commendable But regurgitating research pell mell into a novel without good characters a plot and decent writing does NOT make a story And it doesn’t help to have anachronistic info dumps written as if from a technical manual eitherIt is inexcusable how horrible this book is Auel has had many years to plan her ending to this once great series In the five previous books she introduced many interesting plotlines which she could have explored view spoilerThe relationship between Zelandani and the Clan What happened to Durc Jonayla’s growth and how it was different than Ayla’s A legitimate struggle between Ayla’s duties as a Zelandania and a wife and mother Real marital strife—maybe Ayla wanting to be with Brukeval or Ranec or one of the many men who drools over her or Jondalar struggling with wanting to perform First Rites and maybe wanting to be with Joplaya hide spoiler

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Oves closer to leadership of the ZelandoniaAyla and Jondalar's first priority is the care for their golden haired child Jonayla and the well being of their amazing animals Wolf Whinney Racer and Gray The two participate in hunts to provide food in travels to Summer Meetings for decision making and in social activities Whatever the obstacles Ayla's inventive spirit produces new ways to lessen the difficulties of daily life searching for wild edibles to make delicious meals experimenting with techniues to ease the long journeys the Zelandoni must take honing her skills as a healer and a leader And then there are the Sacred Caves the caves that Ayla's mentor the Donier the First of the Zelandonia takes her to see These caves are filled with remarkable art pain. The Clan of the Cave Bear was a masterful character driven drama if slightly plodding an intensive study of both the nature of characters and relationships The protagonist Ayla was a flawed and vulnerable girl possessed of genuinely admirable determination existing in a very dangerous brutal and unfair world which caused her to suffer real hardships and even be threatened with death on than one occasion The Land of Painted Caves is a poorly written repetitive tedious unenjoyable mess The pace of the book moves at a bare crawl the plot doesn’t even show up until the last third of the novel and even then it’s a half baked implausible affair that’s essentially just a rehash of the plot of the third book The protagonists are overpowered and boring but even worse in an attempt to inject some drama into this story they act inconsistently and out of character with their previous incarnations whilst a veritable tide of thinly sketched secondary characters are introduced and never heard from again How could the debut novel of the Earth’s Children series have been so good whilst its finale is so bad The Land of Painted Caves was touted by publicity campaigns as the bestseller of 2011 Instead the negative reaction from fans this time round has been overwhelming and the word I have seen being thrown out there most often is disappointingDisappointing is the word that comes foremost to my own mind in regards to this final instalment in the Earth’s Children saga but to be honest I can’t pretend that after having observed the decline of the series and problems inherent in The Shelters of Stone I actually expected The Land of Painted Caves to be on a par with The Clan of the Cave Bear I went into Painted Caves with the strong suspicion of what I would be getting myself into and the book didn’t prove me wrong in that regards What I found so disappointing about it was that beyond the mess that this book was it had the potential to be so much better Previous books had established a few potential conflicts and hinted at a few intriguing little strands that if these conflicts had been handled better and given any element of risk or these loose strands picked up on and pursued Painted Caves could have been a whole lot better There was potential for a good story somewhere in there it was simply wasted and the easy option taken instead Even with a severe editor eliminating all the repetition and unnecessary chaff from this book something could have been produced that would have been half as long and at least concise and acceptable enough to pass musterRepetition is a major problem in The Land of Painted Caves Certain themes or sentences are repeated over and over again characters would pause right in the middle of a scene to embark upon a lengthy reminisce about an event from one of the previous books characters would even speak to one another about such prior incidents as if the other person hadn’t been there at the time and didn’t know what had happened The repetition was so interminable that towards the last third of the novel incidents that had happened earlier in the book were revisited and readers reminded of them This was probably the single most annoying thing to me in this book the one thing that really got my rubbing my temples and having to simply stop reading because I could only take so much For fun and to pass the time a little whilst I was reading the book I kept an accurate tally of the number of times certain things were repeatedNumber of times Wolf is introduced to someone 4Number of times Ayla’s baby waits to pass her water on the ground instead of in her blanket 4Number of times Ayla’s titles and ties are recited 12Number of times the Mother’s Song is either wholly or partially recited 13Number of times Ayla’s accent is mentioned 32Second to the repetition is the sheer dryness of the descriptions In The Land of Painted Caves the sheer page space devoted to description alone overwhelms all other aspects – plot action characterisations – and as a result those elements really suffer from being sparsely drawn and not nearly developed enough Had these descriptions been written with skill vigour or imagination it might not have been too bad but unfortunately the vast majority of descriptions in Painted Caves are dry dull and technical This has a knock on effect and drags the pacing down incessantly turning the book into a tedious laboured drudge that takes real effort to get through or even pick up Most of the description is centred around the eponymous painted caves of the novel’s title and the heart of the book is simply the main characters visiting cave after cave after cave The first whiff of a real plot doesn’t even show up until three uarters of the way into the book and by that time clichéd and awful as this last minute contrivance is you’re desperate for something anything to happen in this breeze block of a tome Auel mentions in the Acknowledgements that she’s particularly grateful for a certain book which told her the exact positioning and placement of every image in the painted caves that Ayla’s visits in this book and whilst I’d probably say that’s fair enough and it’s a good idea for the author to be sure of such information just in case the need crops up it is totally unnecessary for her to pass on such level of detail to the readers Now as an historian I’m not saying that these details are unimportant – far from it – but if I wanted a coldly factual site report I’d read an academic publication about it – I am not looking for this level of dry detail in a fictional novel which I am reading for personal entertainment Auel’s done her research kudos there I do prefer my historical fiction to be accurate rather than inaccurate but surely the point is that she wants these historic sites to capture the imagination of her readers the way it’s captured her imagination If that was the effect she wanted she should have focused on creating the right impression conveying how exciting and interesting these cave paintings are even if that meant using broader brush strokes in her descriptions of them and omitting a few unnecessary details here and there – it shouldn’t be as important for us to know exactly how high up on the cave wall the painting is or whether it’s facing left or right what we should walk away with is an interest and a general idea Instead Auel seems to have shoved every last one of her research notes in here tacked on a lame plot at the end had it published and called it a fictional novel Here’s an example of the kind of scintillating stuff I had to read throughPage 326 The cave was high above the river valley floor and reasonably dry inside but it was calcareous rock which was naturally porous and water saturated with calcium carbonate constantly seeped through it Painted Caves might still have been salvageable had it had a decent plot but it doesn’t There’s very little plot to speak of in the first three uarters of the book Ayla and Jondalar go to a Summer Meeting visit a lot of caves meet a few people and that’s pretty much it The timeframe jumps ahead by four years at one point totally without warning and apparently totally without reason too When the actual plot does show up it’s so awkward and artificial that it just falls flat The first strand of the plot the big revelation falls flat because it’s not actually a big revelation at all but something that Ayla has known pretty much since the first book view spoilerAuel draws thick implications through Ayla’s later drug induced hallucinogenic trip that the revelation that men have a role in creating babies through sex is what actually leads to the downfall of the Zelandonii’s female dominated goddess worshipping society and is responsible for the spawning of patriarchal societies that subjugate women and overexploit the planet thus leading to skyscrapers and a ruined Earth but this implication is so inelegantly drawn that it just comes across as preachy and sweepingly damning hide spoiler

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The Land of the Painted CavesTings of mammoths lions aurochs rhinoceros reindeer bison bear The powerful mystical aura within these caves sometimes overwhelms AylaAyla's final preparations for her initiation as a Zelandoni bring The Land of Painted Caves to a riveting climax So much time apart from Jondalar has caused him to drift away from her The rituals themselves bring her close to death But through those rituals Ayla gains A Gift of Knowledge so important that it will change the worldSpellbinding drama meticulous research fascinating detail and superb narrative skill combine to make The Land of Painted Caves a captivating utterly believable creation of a civilization that resonates long after the reader has turned the last page and serves as an astonishing end to this beloved saga. Big thanks to all the Good Reads and reviewers who have already given this one a big THUMBS DOWN You've given me permission to stop wasting my time hoping it will get better I'm always afraid of being the one to burst everyone's expectation bubble without putting in a fair effort No problem with that here As of this writing there are 398 ratings on Good Reads and the average rating for all editions is 280 As I scroll through the first dozen reviews ALL of them are one or two star ratings This has to be the biggest bomb I've ever seen for a long anticipated book by a popular author I don't know what happened to Jean Auel's writing skills in the hiatus but this book is purely awful The dialogue is worse than the worst chick lit I've ever read and the story is confusing and just plain BORING I know the lady did a lot of research but where were her editors She didn't have to make this an epic If she wanted to share what she'd learned about the painted caves she could have done that in a much shorter book Bummer dude Back to the library it goes for the next eager person in line