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UB #180 England But Miranda has power in her own right and together all three are drawn into a sensuous web of sexual enchantment and intense erotic desire But they also find themselves enmeshed in a dark game of magical intrigue with stakes higher than they could have foreseen. Hmmm the plot was pretty thin and the characters seemed a bit underdeveloped but overall it was OK I've read or tried to read much worse Extra points for it being a MMF erotic historical romance with such a deceptively mainstream cover though it's kind of dumb that Darius isn't on there with them

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The Seduction of Miranda ProsperThe game of Miranda PDF #198 begins In the rarefied atmosphere of London's upper crust society the restless and willful Miranda Prosper is widely considered unmarriageable She is therefore stunned to find the mysterious and unsettlingly handsome Mr Corwin Rathe asking to accomp. The Seduction of Miranda Prosper by Marissa DayParanormal Romance Jan 4th 20114 ½ starsThe Seduction of Miranda Prosper is a surprisingly magical and sensual read I felt that it has a bit of a fairy tale theme As a supposed 'ugly duckling’ named Miranda has a wicked mother and is saved by 2 handsome men who are very attracted to her The scenes between the 3 of them are super erotic and sexy to readMiranda has been a failure to her beautiful mother Her mother is a renowned beauty and Miranda feels like a dowd in comparison Her mother’s deep disappointment in her reinforces her negative views of herself But at another boring ton party Miranda meets the unexpected and sensual Corwin He soon shows her the beauty of her body and introduces her to the delights of passion along with his partner Darius What she doesn't know is that Corwin and Darius are sorcerers on a mission to find humans who are Catalysts These Catalysts can give sorcerers an extra power boost and are rare And Miranda is a Catalyst But many have been discovered missing or have been killed recently When Corwin first senses Miranda he is immediately drawn to her and wants her but his relationship with Darius complicates matters as Darius is also attracted to her but does not trust her Soon they all realize their meeting is a trap After escaping they try to discover who is behind the missing Catalysts But can they work together or will mistrust and jealousy prevent their love from blossomingThis is a light and enjoyable read that flows easily I loved how the author created a world in Regency England that is very familiar but added a lot of spice and magic that brought a lot of interest to the story The intriguing use of the paranormal sorcerers and their Catalysts made for good reading and the plot of an 'ugly duckling' with a wicked mother makes for a great fairytale rendition that anyone with a romantic heart will enjoy I loved that Miranda discovers her inner beauty and strength and gets 2 hunky guys This book is not tame ménage She is at first clueless but takes matters into her own hands and isn't a boring static heroine I found the storyline a fresh twist that was easy to read and very sexyThe Seduction of Miranda Prosper is an erotic fairytale like romance with a paranormal twist that is very satisfying I would definitely read another of this author’s books againReviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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The Seduction of Miranda Prosper Download ✓ 105 ✓ ➺ [Reading] ➼ The Seduction of Miranda Prosper By Marissa Day ➯ – The game begins In the rarefied atmosphere of London's upper crust society the restless and willful Miranda Prosper is widely considered unmarriageable She is thereforeAny her in The Seduction MOBI #204 a waltz at a summer ball But this dance will become far than she ever imagined with the touch of his flesh Coriwn is a Sorcerer With his partner Darius Marlowe he fights a hidden battle against a magic force invasion of Seduction of Miranda eP. I think I could possibly give this 15 stars for there was somewhat a plot Miranda is found at a ball to be the catalyst for the two sorcerers Corwin dark and giving and Darius light and mysterious To enter into the power that is her own and theirs manage de trios run rampant amongst what one might consider a plot An evil Fae made a deal for thirteen catalysts to be delivered many have gone missing other sorcerers destroyed can the three of them uncover who is behind the plot and prevent it without losing Miranda