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Brigitta of the White ForestAss didn't protect of the White eBook #10003 the forest But even though she couldn't remember the details she did know that without the Hourglass there would be no White Forest. Brigitta and her younger sister Himalette are the only two faeries in their entire village of White Forest that have not been affected by a mysterious curse During the preparations for the annual festival every living being in the White Forest is turned to stone Brigitta suddenly finds herself faced with a great challenge She doesn’t know how to reverse the curse—or where to go for help—but she knows she must do something before the magical protection around her village is destroyed With a great responsibility weighing on them Brigitta and Himalette start their journey to Dead Mountain where they hope to find help from the banished faerie Hrathgar Along the way to Dead Mountain Briggita and her sister encounter many dangers and make new friends Together Brigitta Himalette and Min a character that seems to resemble Jar Jar Binx from StarWars head off to Dead Mountain When they get there they meet Hrathgar Brigitta and Himalette are mesmerized by her kindness and can’t seem to understand why she has always been described as evil in the stories of faerie lore Min is not so easily impressed by Hrathgar’s innocent appearance Through several twists and turns of events the young faeries uickly learn that everything is not what it appears to be Hrathgar is actually two separate people Hrathgar Good the faerie they first meet and Hrathgar Evil the faerie from the stories are split personalities that share the curse from ancient times Brigitta and her friends find themselves faced with an even difficult challenge they have to end the curse on their village and defeat Hrathgar Evil But they aren’t sure if they are capable of destroying such a powerful faerie all by themselves I must start off saying that this book was great Overall it’s a great story about discovering your destiny and courage Brigitta is brave even though she doesn’t realize it She’s determined to make things right in her village so she sets off on what seems to be an impossible task After everything is resolved she is shocked to find that her destiny markings have finally revealed themselves While she’s trying to understand the great change that she will face she has a pretty deep conversation with Ondelle the High Priestess of the faeries about destiny Ondelle shares some words of wisdom with Brigitta when she tells her “to allow all destinies to unfold as they should” Brigitta tries to let this set in but it’s still a hard concept for such a young faerie If you look at the book from a literary stand point which I would be inclined to do with my students you can see several similarities to the classic struggles of good against evil in literature There are evil villains with dubious plots and young heroes that have to discover their inner strengths and final destinies Young Brigitta begins the story as a faerie that doesn’t fit in or understand her place in the faerie society By the end of the book she has an idea of what her future holds even though she doesn’t think she can fulfill the high expectations I couldn’t help but think of The Lord of the Rings as I read through this book which isn’t a bad thing considering I liked those books as well The plot is fast paced and starts uickly You are sucked in to the story within the first two chapters I was very thankful that it did not take long to develop the plot and that the plot moved uickly throughout the book The names were highly original but I also found them a mouth full If I had to read this book aloud I might have some difficulty pronouncing all the names and places Of course that is a minor detail that doesn’t interfere with the story at all My favorite aspect of the entire book is the great detail that went into describing the setting and characters The touchy relationship between Brigitta and Himalette was very believable I could picture the looks of irritation on Brigitta’s face as her younger sister sang her invented nonsense songs The characters were very well developed and enjoyable and I enjoyed them all I would say that this book is intended for the younger readers 10 12 year olds that enjoy ED Baker’s books It might seem a bit childish for the traditional YA reader Brigitta is just reaching the point of “The Change” so she isn’t as mature in some aspects as some of the well known characters in YA literature Brigitta of the White Forest is a clean fast paced adventure that I would certainly recommend to any reader that enjoys stories about faeries and a good light hearted read

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Brigitta of the White Forest summary ☆ 108 Æ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Brigitta of the White Forest By Danika Dinsmore – Briggy what happens when the Hourglass runs out Brigitta wished she had paid attention to her Auntie Ferna's lessons Being able to string a thunder bug symphony wasn't going to help them now She didBriggy what happens when the the White PDF #202 Hourglass runs out Brigitta wished she had paid attention to her Auntie Ferna's lessons Being able to string a thunder bug symph. Danika Dins has created an amazing world in Brigitta of the White Forest It's not an easy thing to start from scratch when world building but Dins appears to do so effortlessly giving life to brand new creatures and settings that the reader is uickly emersed in The White Forest is home to clans of elemental faeries including our young heroine Brigitta Along with her young sister Brigitta finds herself tasked with saving the Forest and her people embarking on an adventure she never expected or wanted but one she than lives up to finding an inner strength she didn't know existed within her Brigitta is a wonderful role model for young girls demonstrating that you can overcome adversity even when things seem hopeless I highly recommend this book for children of all ages and would happily have copies in my second grade classroom

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Ony wasn't Brigitta of PDFEPUB or going to help them now She didn't know exactly what would happen when the Hourglass ran out since no living faerie knew a time when the Hourgl. This book is lovely I’m not much into fantasy but loved Brigitta of the White Forest It introduces the young faerie Brigitta who is the last one of her friends to receive her destiny mark a special marking on faerie wings Accompanied by her younger sister Himalette Brigitta is forced to leave protection of her home the White Forest to seek help from a banished faerie living in Dead Mountain after a mysterious curse turns all the inhabitants of White Forest to stone Their journey is dangerous and they must seek help of some dubious creatures in order to succeed What follows is a journey full of adventure action courage and scary beastsThe starting is bit slow but after a few chapters the story picks up the pace and is hard to put down after that I’m one of those people who usually do not like to read young adult or children’s literature But I admit I thoroughly enjoyed Brigitta of the White forest I’m sure children would really love this book The author has this wonderful talent to get to children’s level and imagine things Brigitta is a great role model for the young girls She’s courageous even though she doesn’t realize it Unaware of her inner strength she faces the danger and sets on to save her home her family and all of the faerie realm The interaction between the sisters is a delight to read Brigitta is a typical older sister always trying to keep Himalette the little one out of trouble I loved Min’s character the things he can do with his ears is hilarious All the other characters are lovely as well The setting is beautiful though it doesn’t come much alive The biggest strength of Dins is writing is her dialogue delivery It flows naturally The interactions between the characters are smoothOverall a delightful read Definitely recommend to all the children up to 11 12 yrs