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Glass MenagerieStreetcar Named DesireSweet Bird of Youth characters ↠ 7 Ø [KINDLE] ❤ Glass MenagerieStreetcar Named DesireSweet Bird of Youth ➜ Tennessee Williams – Writing in 1959 at about the time Elia Kazan directed Sweet Bird of Youth on Broadway Tennessee Williams dE then I have only produced five plays that are not violent First among them The Glass Menagerie the memory play which was first presented in London in and in which Glass MenagerieStreetcar eBook #188 he employed every device of scenery light. “Whoever you are I’ve always relied on the kindness of strangers” — Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named DesireI had never read Tennessee Williams before which I clearly now realise was a huge error on my part I seem to shock people when I tell them that I haven’t seen the 1951 movie I haven’t even seen a snippet I know it’s Brando’s signature role but I wish people would stop saying it’s such a big dealAnyway I thoroughly enjoyed Streetcar I always find it fascinating to read texts where one is not immediately predisposed to idolize a character and that’s definitely the case here I thought Blanche was fascinating and I wanted to use my black belt skills on Stanley and make him bleed He got me so angry I wanted to shake Stella out of her stupor Williams’ writing conveys such emotion though Reading up a little on his life makes me understand how he could write with such depth though unlike some critics I’m loathe to make a direct link between Blanche and his sisterOne curious effect the play had on me was it made me hungry to direct it I’m not really inclined toward drama any than watching movies and attending the theatre as much as I am able I have a deep appreciation for it but rarely would actually want to insert myself into the euation Now though I’m seriously considering putting on a production Considering we’ve got a student acting society with several good actors I may actually do this next year We’ll seeThis edition also includes Sweet Bird of Youth and The Glass Menagerie which I haven’t read because they weren’t included in the module You get bet that I will though the moment I have a minute to spare

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Writing in at about the Named DesireSweet PDFEPUB #231 time Elia Kazan directed Sweet Bird of Youth on Broadway Tennessee Williams described his first successful play as being about as violent as you can get on the stage During the years sinc. I’ve never read this play before today and I’ve still never seen the film – I’m going to assume that makes me the last person in the world to have now read this play and so will not worry that this review will have lots of spoilers I’ve heard of this play before of course – I even thought I knew what happened in it from a million or so references I’ve heard about it over the years I can’t say I really enjoyed it Parts of it were so heavy handed that they made me cringe – the blind Mexican woman for example calling out ‘flowers for the dead’ was perhaps only forgivable because it was in Spanish but really and I found the all too convenient music piping up from the local bar increasingly annoying – the problem with reading this play is that I’ve no idea what ‘blue piano’ means I’ll google it later I guess And I found the stage directions nearly laughably detailed Like this one when Blanche is first introduced “Her delicate beauty must avoid a strong light There is something about her uncertain manner as well as her white clothes that suggests a moth” I’m not sure how you might act that – although I do see that moths need to avoid strong lightsThere is not a single likeable character in this play There is Blanche DuBois the white woods a kind of tragic fading beauty who hasn’t uite forgiven herself for having killed her angelic husband by telling him how disgusted she was in him over his homosexual affair conveniently while the other piece of music that plays throughout was playing This tragic end to her first husband has proven to have driven her into the arms of an endless string of increasingly younger men ending with a 17 year old student of hers in an attempt to – what Retaste her youth The explanation given in the play is that she is seeking a kind of security You might think that her life experience to date might speak against this path as the most obvious means of achieving security The problem is that Blanche suffers from anxiety – relieved only by endlessly long baths booze and flirting – she is suffering from some kind of mental illness and so is portrayed as self medicating neurotic When she first meets her sister’s Stella the star husband Stanley she even flirts with him Except of course she finds him beneath her in almost every way being particularly put off by his crudity and his beating up her sister He is portrayed as an animal – a kind of sexual and muscular beast – which women or at least some women are supposed to find irresistible This is almost a play contrasting the animal with the civilised – except that the civilised is presented as an illusion as really only a thin layer of varnish that is all too easily scratched off – as with Blanche the Southern Belle whose own life has been brought to the point of near total destruction by her own animal lusts itself shows all too clearly This is a play full of kettles and pots that are all too ready to call each other blackStella has come down in the world by marrying the meat man Stanley – but is prepared to put up with a bit of rough treatment as long as the sex afterwards makes it all worthwhile She comes across as a bit of an air head to be honest She refuses to believe the worst about either Blanche or

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Glass MenagerieStreetcar Named DesireSweet Bird of YouthIng and music to evoke nostalgia The following year he scored one of his biggest successes with A Streetcar named Desire in which a woman's pathetic fantasies of primness and respectability are stripped down and violently exposed in New Orlea. 25 Stars %40100I actually read A Streetcar named Desire before thrifting this book I liked the play even though it was a bit complicated and boring in some chapters Overall it was a good play I did not really like the other two plays in this I never heard of them before buying the book so I had no expectations whatsoever They were okay but I liked A Streetcar named Desire