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The Korean WarD atrocities committed on all sidesElegantly written and blisteringly honest  The Korean War is like the war it illuminates brief devastating and essentialPraise for The Korean War“A powerful revisionist history a sobering corrective” The New York Times“Worth reading This work raises the uestion of what Korea can tell us about the outlook for Ira and Afghanistan” Financial Times “Well sourced and elegantly presented” The Wall Street Journa. This book was informative about mostly ghastly and terrible war crimes that were committed during the Korean war It did not go in depth about the actual battles or the White House strategy of the war as I was hoping It was clearly written by a hard core liberal with a lot of anger built up for his own country The book demonized the South Koreans and the Americans in the war while trying to make Kim Il Sung look not so bad The most damning part of the book was when he stated and I'm paraphrasing Yes the North Koreans killed several American POW's but it was a merciful bullet behind the ear He then went on to make the crimes committed by the North Koreans pale in comparison to the evil south Koreans and explain why the communists hate us so much It was well written but it did not focus on the war so much and if I were in the Kremlin I would use this book as propaganda for young students studying the west Too liberal too anti American too many exceptions for communist crimes

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Ught He describes its origin as a civil war preordained long before the first shots were fired in June by lingering fury over Japan’s occupation of Korea from to Cumings then shares the neglected history of America’s post–World War II occupation of Korea reveals untold stories of bloody insurgencies and rebellions and tells of the United States officially entering the action on the side of the South exposing as never before the appalling massacres an. This is the book to read for an understanding of Korea not just the Korean War but Korea itself north and south North Korea will be much less enigmatic once you read this book Cumings goes deep into Korean history and especially into the Japanese occupation of Korea and Manchuria from the 1930s until the end of WWII In Cumings' retelling the North under Kim Il Jong was heroic in its determination to rid the country of their Japanese overlords and return to Korea to the Koreans The South under Syngman Rhee was controlled Japanese collaborators who cooperated with the the US in its dedication to ridding the country of leftists whether or not they were working in league with the Northern communists Worse atrocities were committed by the South than any committed by the North And even after the outcome at the 38th parallel was rather well settled the US continued a bombing campaign for 2 years to decimate all northern economic activity Thus the attitudes of the North toward the Japanese the US and the South were cemented by the reality of their subjugation and persecution They blocked out the rest of the world other than the Chinese who had helped them and became the North Korea that we know todayCumings does not approve or condone the dynasty that has developed in North Korea their manipulation of mythology and superstition But it becomes clear from reading his book why it became that wayBeyond being great history this book is also historiographical and discusses how the history of Korea and the war were written with a non Korean bias making the actions of Kim Il Jong seem like those of a fanatic rather than one seeking a legitimate nationalistic goal

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The Korean War Read & download õ 102 ï [PDF] ❤ The Korean War By Bruce Cumings – A BRACING ACCOUNT OF A WAR THAT IS EITHER MISUNDERSTOOD FORGOTTEN OR WILLFULLY IGNORED For Americans it was a discrete conflict lasting from 1950 to 1953 But for the Asian world the Korean War was a A BRACING ACCOUNT OF A WAR THAT ISA BRACING ACCOUNT OF A WAR THAT IS EITHER MISUNDERSTOOD FORGOTTEN OR WILLFULLY IGNORED For Americans it was a discrete conflict lasting from to But The Korean eBook #10003 for the Asian world the Korean War was a generations long struggle that still haunts contemporary events With access to new evidence and secret materials from both here and abroad including an archive of captured North Korean documents Bruce Cumings reveals the war as it was actually fo. I had issues with this book Many many issues though I didn't outright hate it I have to give it thatThe first being that for all the title is The Korean War this book really isn't about the Korean War The first chapter is a brief summary and then they talk about the atrocities committed during the war but it's hardly the focus of the book While I found a great deal of what he wrote about interesting such as pre Korean War rebellions that's not what I bought a book to read aboutOn top of that the book bounces all over the place time wiseI also didn't like Cumings's writing style The North Korean bias that didn't bother me actually it was fairly refreshing reading that given how vilianized the country normally is not really When he went and made sweeping statements that take that bias way too far One example that stood out to me was basically 'South Korea fought with the Japanese and supported colonialism' which completely underminesundervalues any resistance that South Korea made in ejecting the Japanese colonial government Cumings also writes from one extreme to another without ever finding a middle ground For example in the introduction the tone comes across as basically 'Korea should be grateful that Japan colonized it and effectively tried to eradicate it's culture because modernization Really the only reason they're still holding a grudge is because they're sore losers' Then not long after he goes to the complete opposite when talking about the horrendous crime that was comfort women and goes straight to Japanese bashing I will give him kudos for focusing on the brutality of the allies side given that it's usually only focused on North Korea since they were the 'bad guys'On top of that the language was too flowery and repetitive