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She outflew Amelia Earhart Bottom Riding PDFEPUB #196 outsmarted Howard Hughes outdrank the Mexican army and outman. Saying that Pancho Barnes was a character would be like saying Al Pacino is an actor Almost everyone is familiar with Amelia Earhart but most are not aware of the numerous other accomplished women pilots of that same era including Pancho Barnes Pancho had also set many records and broke some that had been set by her better known compatriots Pancho was not averse to getting dirty working on the planes she flew as well as other machinery and that combined with the way she typically dressed resulted in her often being mistaken for a man She also worked as a stunt pilot for movies and organized a stunt pilots union to improve the pay and dangerous conditions that they dealt withShe had been born to wealth and had been greatly influenced by her grandfather who was an inventor businessman risk taker etc and Pancho inherited many of these traits My first real exposure to Pancho's story was through a 1988 movie that starred Valerie Bertinelli as Pancho Barnes which vastly improved on the real Pancho's looks Pancho wasn't pretty she swore as a normal part of her vocabulary constantly told off color stories and developed a liking for younger men including one of my uncles who was married to her for a while But she was always up for a good time and would freely share whatever she had Her parties went on for days and were legendary attended by fellow pilots and Hollywood friendsShe had many great business ideas but as soon as thing started coming together she lost interest and was on to the next thing This combined with a total lack of financial common sense resulted in her going through money like there was no end to it resulting in many business failures Along the way because of her connections with other pilots including Jimmy Doolittle Chuck Yeager and others she developed a pilot training center on her property during WWII and many of her acuaintances along the way continued to hang out at her facilities including the book's namesake Happy Bottom Riding Club She experienced many successes but also many failures This book was well written and researched and put some realism to the life of a very colorful individual that had been softened uite a bit for the 1988 movieAnyone with an interest in the early days of aviation women in aviation WWII pilot training development of new aircraft and the test pilots who proved them and how not to run a business as well as many other topics will enjoy this book To sum up Pancho Barnes' general philosophy in life I will just list one of her uotes here Ah hell We had fun in a week than those weenies had in a lifetime Pancho Barnes

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The Happy Bottom Riding Club The Life and Times of Pancho BarnesEuvered the US government the first time Pancho Barnes's story has been told with such authority and affection She. Wild and crazy lady Hard living full of energy and ideas Friend of many early aviators No smarts about money came from wealthy family died penniless Known for her stories often raunchy Interesting but the middle gets pretty redundant

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The Happy Bottom Riding Club The Life and Times of Pancho Barnes characters ê 7 ¼ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Happy Bottom Riding Club The Life and Times of Pancho Barnes By Lauren Kessler – She outflew Amelia Earhart outsmarted Howard Hughes outdrank the Mexican army and outmaneuvEnded badly but she burned and sparkled with a lust for life that set her apart from almost anyone else page insert. Great story of the life of Pancho Barnes Historical information regarding the development of flight and women's role as pilots Exciting funny and tragic story Well worth the time