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Adult communication is with a dying soldier buried on the other side of the wall who offers guidance on how to surviveTold as a grandmothers birthday gift to her year old granddaughter Dark Hours is a suspenseful and dramatic novel about the injustice of war its impact on ordinary people and the hope that resonates in the human so. 1 I decided to read this book because i wanted to know what it tustve been like in WW22 The uote Its selfish of us I know but I'm so tired of worrying about everyone else first Why shouldn't think of myself for once Of my thirst pg 153 appealed to me because the way the author uses rhetorical uestions to show the main characters emotions and feelings I thought was really well done3 What I liked about the book was the language the author used to display emotions and how the author showed character development in everyone because it really keeps me wanting to read and finish the book The only thing I didn't like was that the text kind of repeated itself but I understand its hard for anything different to happen when the book is about a group of children stuck underground5What the text made me think deeply about was how i would react to the situation the main characters were in For being buried underground for about a week all the characters handled it very well I also realised how horrible it must have been in the war for every one and how cruel someone must be to want to inflict all that chaos onto the world


ÜberlebenEntombed following a bombing raid at the close of World War II three children struggle to surviveOn Gisel's th birthday her world like the war effort begins to crumble Her father is away serving in the German army when the advancing Allies force the rest of the family to flee their home Gisel her younger brothers and their pregnant. I'd have given this book 5 stars except for one thing The story is told from the point of view of a German girl living with her family in Silesia Poland during World War II When the Russians begin to invade and drive out the Germans Gisel and her family must flee back to Germany On their way to Dresden she and her brothers are separated from their mother and grandmother and end up trapped in a bombed out air raid shelter Now in the story she tells of being in the Nazi Youth and of her parents' loyalty to Hitler Given that in one place the author has Gisel thinking about the British Russians and Americans not as enemies but as victims just like her and in another place she has Gisel thinking that though the Allies have done awful things to the Germans the Germans have done just as many terrible things to the enemies Somehow those two interjections just didn't flow with the rest of the story and seemed to be placed there to create a balanced view of the war I don't think a child who had been brought up in such a home would have thought of those things Pausewang did include an introduction giving background information on the war and stating her view that the Germans should never have allowed Hitler to have that much power I think the introduction should have sufficed Aside from that the story was very suspenseful I really couldn't put it down I particularly liked how the author framed the story between two letters and told what happened to the characters after the story ended An excellent translation by John Brownjohn highly recommended for another view of World War II

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REVIEW Überleben 100 Á ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Überleben Author Gudrun Pausewang – Entombed following a bombing raid at the close of World War II three children struggle to surviveOn Gisel's 16th birthday her world like the war effort begins to crumble Her father is away serving in Entombed following a bombing raid at the close of Mother board a crowded train But when their mother goes into labor the children are separated from her at the next stationBefore they know what's happening an air raid siren sounds and Gisel barely manages to hustle her siblings into a trackside bathroom When the bombs hit the children are trapped As they await rescue Gisel's only. Before I start let me just say that this Book Review talks about World War 2If you don't know what was WW2 then you must be living under a rock Basically in a nutshell WW2 was one of the most bloody wars in history that was the Nazilead by Adolf Hitler with the support of the near by lands vs the rest of the world Oh now you wan't to hear about WW2 don't you Well to bad this is a book review not the history Chanel Which by the way did you see the one with Alexander the great Did I tell you that there is going to be spoilers If not then READ THE FUDGING BOOK There now you can't say didn't warn you when you want to read this book before you do you should watch a documentary on WW2 Don't worry I'll wait Oh your back did you wipe your Cheetos dust filled hands It is during the bombing of Germany around 1942 where a family of Germans are about to celebrate a young girl named Gisel' birthday when her dad is sent to fight in the war The family is later told to flee the country with the rest of the civilians The family of Germans are uickly fleeing the country by train like the rest when all the sudden Britain sent an air raid on Germany causing the family to go to the under ground bunker to gain safety but at the trouble that the family got split up so it was Gisel and her two brothers to survive on there own Soon Gisel realizes that watching two kids is no easy task this later the second air raid from Britain comes with Gisel and her brothers out side of the shelter and in a near by house that was hit by a bomb Now stuck they are left helpless and to die decaying with nothing but a broom and each otherSoon Gisel hatches a plan and that plan is to hit the wall with the broom until either A someone hears it and saves them On the other hand she and her brothers will die soon they are saved and that's was the end of there story To analysis the book we must first talk about what we read So basically there is a girl and her brothers and they are stuck in a building during a bomb This alone can tell give us a atmosphere that sets the theme of the story How you may ask Well let me explain then if you want to know Basically this text gives us the feeling of fear fear like no other fear that makes you want to hide under your superman sheets that lie on your bed as you cry for help Also In the start of the other paragraph I tell you that this took place around 1942 during WW2 This is important to mention because lets be honest there is nothing scary than bombs Just picture this sceneYou are walking by a park filled with kids when all the sudden a bomb falls on it killing every one including youIn my opinion this book was super good from the start to the end every little detail had no flaw the book also gave the reader a nice secure theme for them to imagine the WW2 Also the the facts that's this is base of a true story Oh didn't I tell you that this is based on the Authors eyes Well now you know and the you know the better Also the book gives you some history on WW2 so in other words this book may just help you on a test Then again this is my opinion on the subject For Dark hours the rating I give it is 5 out of 5 stars Why you may ask well see the paragraph before this one for the answer to your uestion I recommend this book to everyone who likes wars stories and teachers that are teaching the subject ELA and SS mostly The final thing I have to say is ask yourself this uestion what was going on during WW2 Well bye and happy thanksgiving All rights go to Gudrun Pausewang