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mobi × Prized author Caragh M. O'Brien ð Hardcover read ¸ caragh m. o'brien Ü ➨ [Ebook] ➣ Prized By Caragh M. O'Brien ➳ – Striking out into the wasteland with nothing but her baby sister a handful of supplies and a rumEeps the people of Sylum captive and suddenly Gaia must contend with the exciting uncomfortable and altogether new feeling of being desiredBut when someone from her past shows up Gaia discovers that survival alone is not enough and that justice reuires sacrific The trouble with the first book in a trilogy rocking your world is that as much as you anticipate the first opportunity you get to read its seuel you simultaneously fear that it won’t live up to how much you enjoyed the first Sadly in PRIZED’s case this was true Whereas I couldn’t put Birthmarked down I struggled at times to push myself through PRIZED’s copious use of info dumps and inconsistencies in characterization and plot that really pushed the limit on my tolerance of YA lit clichésI read Birthmarked in one night forgoing sleep in my complete absorption within the Enclave and my desperation to discover the fates of these beloved characters Unfortunately I did not feel as invested in PRIZED Perhaps rereading Birthmarked would have helped but I also felt like PRIZED veered off in an entirely different direction little but the names of the main characters carried over from the first book into the second with the result that PRIZED had to create for us an entirely new dystopian world—and not necessarily with complete successThe rules of Sylum are explained to readers mostly through “tell all” conversations with little plot and nothing concrete to tie all the Sylum related facts that are unloaded onto readers in one fell swoop after another I felt like the motivations for various characters’ actions were never fully illustrated Why did the Matrarc demand such rigid obeisance to their society’s rules Why was Gaia so insistent on defending her actions without fully considering their impact on herself and those around her Why did she so strictly divide public opinion regarding her when she doesn’t really do anything at allFor that matter why is Gaia so appealing to everyone If you thought love triangles were getting a bit ridiculous in YA lit wait until you catch a whiff of this book’s love suare Sure readers love when the protagonist is loved by someone who sees the beauty in them despite her awkwardnessincompetenceinsecurity but Gaia’s situation felt like extreme overkill like an intervened twist in the story purely for reader gratification The utter unnaturalness of the situation really prevented me from becoming emotionally and intellectually invested in the storyPRIZED unfortunately seemed to cut corners in explanation of character motivation or plot progression With little to no relevance to the first book except through the recurrence of a handful of characters and a promise at the end of a reconnection in the last installment this could have been an entirely different YA dystopian series—not exactly what you want from the second book in a trilogy I think I’ll still read the last book if only to see how Sylum and the Enclave tie back together but overall it was a rather large disappointment

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Striking out into the wasteland with nothing but her baby sister a handful of supplies and a rumor to guide her sixteen year old midwife Gaia Stone survives only to be captured by the people of Sylum a dystopian society where women rule the men who drastically Actual rating 45 starsI am very surprised about this book It was very interesting the whole time It made me feel angry so many times towards Gaia and her attitude about everything that was going on that I became frustrated I love a book that awakens strong emotions in me I enjoyed it so much I liked the first book of this series but Prized is defenetetly an improvement from the first installment This story is complex it evolves fluidly and maintains your attention at all times I have to say though that Leon's character disappointed me a bit this time I was expecting a deeper development in him explanations to really show us who he is and where he is coming fromOne of the thins I appreciate most is that this series is not immature it doesn't have a high school or childiss felling to it even though it is a young adult novel thus it could function just as well if we where to age the characters I can’t wait to see where the story is going nextBook 1 Birthmarked 35 starsBook 3 Promised 25 stars

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Prized author Caragh M. O'BriOutnumber them and a kiss is a crime In order to see her sister again Gaia must submit to their strict social code and the oppressive rules of Matrarc Olivia Meanwhile two brothers claim her attention as they attempt to understand the environmental trap that k Prized continues the story of Gaia Stone a 16 year old midwife and refugee from the Enclave Accompanied by her newborn sister Maya Gaia is found out in the wastelands by Chardo Peter Both Gaia and her baby sister are close to death She finds herself in Sylum which is just as bad as Enclave only it is run by womenSylum is a strange settlement In Sylum the men outnumber the women but the women have all the power Sylum is a puritanical place A simple kiss can result in an attempted rape charge Women are encouraged to marry young and have at least ten babies Oh and once you arrive in Sylum you can never leaveThis book was not exactly what I expected I enjoyed the world the author created in Birthmarked and I was excited to see what would happen next in Prized Prized felt like a completely different book New world new rules and Gaia does the teenage angst thing Gaia’s rebellious streak bothered me – it just felt like she chose the wrong battles I also found it odd that after working so hard to save her sister Gaia would just accept that a complete stranger should raise Maya I’m not sure if I liked Gaia in this book as much as I did in the previous book Gaia acts like a petulant child in this book She refuses to cooperate with the Matrarch Olivia preferring to be isolated rather than solving her problems When she is given a note from Leon she destroys it instead of reading it I saw that as a betrayal I also did not like her behavior around the men While Gaia did not really understand the customs of Sylum she still caused a few misunderstandings I didn’t really like the introduction of multiple love interests Leon – I missed him so much Then when he finally gets to be around Gaia the tension between them was so antagonistic Leon was hardened and angry nothing like the Leon of the previous book He felt like a whole new character Leon earns the respect of Sylum when he wins a sporting contest When we finally get Leon the story picks up The book was an OK read for me I did like it and I will continue to look for books by this author Thank you Netgalley and McMillian Children’s Publishing Group for a review copy of this bookCheck out this review and on Badass Book Reviews